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Cuba Libre for a Birthday

This past Saturday was so much fun! Well… until somebody showed up uninvited to Cuba Libre. Anyway…



I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my good friend Yesenia. Love you pretty face. Wink wink! You were such a good girl on your birthday night. Glad the drama was in the end.

The night started with hibachi at Osaka, a Japanese and Sushi restaurant. This was my first time doing the whole hibachi thing. It was so much fun watching the chef cooking the in front us. Between vodka and sake shots, dinner was to remembered!

After the feast we had, there was not doubt that we had to pre-game our way to Philly! Listening to rap and what not, our night had a good beginning. As usual we were running late!

Midnight, Cuba was lit, and we couldn’t wait to dance bachata, merengue and reggaeton. I’m always surrounded by pretty and amazing people so its hard for us to not call a little attention. My friend Cait did, her plunging neckline had every guy drooling  over her. She has high standards when it comes guys so if you don’t fit in her checklist you can go away!

She gets invited to a private table by some dude who seems  to qualified her long checklist. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of him though. Long story short, I walked with her to the table just to check on her. This happened… guy leaves and left us with his friends. Like I said before, we’re amazing so we get to meet them and obviously they liked us. Duh! They were cool as well that even hook up us with drinks. Who can’t turn down a free drink?




The night is about to end. 1:30 am and the DJ is playing old school salsa.


Then, the awkward moment when you see someone who was NOT invited to the party. There’s so many places this person could have gone, but she decided to come here trying to rain on our parade. Here is a candid image, look at the blondie, that’s Vale by the way. Her expression is priceless!


What happens next I won’t be able to tell you because it’s too catty for FA. What I can say is that the birthday girl wore and black shirt, white top with a revealing neckline by bebe and Jessica Simpson red stilettos.

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