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Fashion Week is not glamorous as you probably think. Sometimes you don’t get to see all the shows because either you attending a runway show, showrooms, or commuting from one side of the city to another.

This is why I love presentations! They run for a few hours and you are able to see every detail of the collection. Thaddeus O’Neil did that. He presented his rad Spring Summer ’17 collection pairing up with UGG.


FA had the honor to speak with Thaddeus and UGG about the collab together. Here is the Q&A:

  • What’s the inspiration behind the collection (Thaddeus)?

Thaddeus O’Neil’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection began with the notion of an imaginary temple. He named it the Temple of the Burning Sun.

The idea really came to life after a recent trip to Japan where he visited many of their Shinto temples. He found the brilliant orange color of the temples and winding cloisters amidst the mountains and forests and rivers somewhat supernatural. He was also inspired by the form and rich symbolism of the scallop shell.

For Thaddeus, the collection is about the establishment of sacred space, spiritual pilgrimage, temporality and always the sea, and the men and women who inhabit and animate it with play.  An ocean filled with waves is every surfer’s Temple of the Burning Sun, it is the spiritual and ritual symbol and space of a practice of joy.  The collection is also, very simply, about the love of joy.

  • As a sponsor, do you (UGG) make sure your brand fits in with the label you’re collaborating with? 

Absolutely. UGG® was originally founded in 1978 by a young surfer on the shores of Southern California. Similarly, Thaddeus O’Neil’s brand is synonymous with surfing and the ocean. The shared cultures of each formed the foundations of this partnership.

  • When you collaborate with a designer, what are the key points to make a collaboration happen (UGG)?

A shared vision is essential. Both UGG® and Thaddeus O’Neil are committed to using the finest standards of craftsmanship and utilizing a variety of premium materials. Each brand boasts effortless style and luxurious comfort.

  • Is there a color scheme you aim for (UGG)? 

Our iconic Chestnut color was used exclusively for Thaddeus’ presentation. The looks also featured bright orange socks – highlighting the many different ways UGG® products can be styled for modern day wear.

We can’t wait to get a pair or two of those UGG’s and definitely some pieces of Thaddeus SS’17 collection.







Credits: FA & K.Jacobsen,

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